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The Shop2Manage™ End-to-End Engagement Model

Analyze, engage and manage dental care with the best decisions from end-to-end


Dental care management is evolving at a rapid pace. Today's member wants to manage their entire care experience online. Providers need more information about their members to help direct care. At the same time, payers must deliver better service at a lower cost. How can you connect today's members, providers and your team to the information they need to drive better care outcomes at a lower cost? Shop2Manage™ is Aldera's model for end-to-end engagement. It connects members, providers and payers to data and tools they need to analyze, engage and manage their dental care and outcomes.

This dental care industry executive brief discusses Aldera's Shop2Manage engagement model, which allows members, providers and payers to:

  • Analyze benefit plans and needs
  • Engage with dental care tools and people
  • Manage dental care actions, decisions and outcomes
And there's more...

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